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13 Good Reasons to Shoot in South Africa

In its 2013 edition, the Filmmaker’s Guide to Africa (FMG) lists a number of very compelling reasons to shoot in South Africa:

  1. Co-financing options
  2. Favourable exchange rate (the current rate is US$1/R10.64)
  3. Diverse locations in close proximity
  4. Hollywood standard Cape Town Film Studios
  5. World-class, English speaking, non-unionised crew
  6. Experienced producers and production companies
  7. Reliable gear-houses with the latest cameras and lighting
  8. Strong tourism infrastructure
  9. Alternate seasons to the northern hemisphere
  10. Time zone is GMT+2, which is compatible with Europe
  11. Amazing light
  12. Ethnically diverse and experienced talent
  13. Ease of entry
Source FMG 2013:9