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How to register your Location

If you would like your property to be considered for inclusion in our portfolio and generate income for you in the exciting world of the media, send pictures of your property to register@locationmasters.co.za


Your Photographs

These do not need to be professional pictures, they are for internal evaluation only. Lighting is important, so take your pictures on a bright sunny day. Please send high-resolution pictures no bigger than 900×900 pixels in JPEG format and no more than 30 images. We need interior and exterior shots to tell us about the entire space, so stand back and photograph from each end. You can also include close-ups of interesting features such as chandeliers, built-in fish tanks, old-style wooden stoves or fireplaces, swimming pools, murals and so on.

Our Feedback

Every inquiry and application is very important to us, and we will get back to you within a week. If your application is successful, we will arrange a meeting on site. If an agreement is reached, a once-off joining process of R1500-00 is payable to cover administration costs and those of a professional photographer who will take top quality pictures for the Location Masters website.

As your agent, Location Masters undertakes to:

• negotiate the location fee
• secure location agreements between the production company and property owner
• ensure the facilitator has sufficient public liability insurance cover
• pay the facilitation fee to the location owner within 10 days