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Mozambique, with a population of 20 m inhabitants, is situated on the East Coast of Southern Africa directly opposite the Indian Ocean Island of Madagascar. The country has an extremely long coastline of warm tropical water, and with a reef stretching along the entire coast, is a mecca for scuba divers. Hot summers from Sept – May average temp 29/30 deg. Water temp 24 deg. Warm winter months June – Aug Mozambique was a Portuguese colony for a long time thus Portuguese is the official language spoken by most of the population. Maputo is the capital, with airlinks from neighbouring countries. The highway from Johannesburg in the south is good to Maputo; a coastal road north to Beira has border posts to Zimbabwe in the west, and Zambia in the north

  • Official currency is the metical
  • No visa’s required from EU countries if proof of accommodation is provided
  • No vaccinations required from EU countries but malaria is a hazard and
  • prophylactics are recommended
  • Mozambique is 2 hours ahead of GMT