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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of properties are in demand?

Popular locations range from the ultra-contemporary to the historic but generally they are places that have something extra or special in terms of architecture and style, such as high-end luxury apartments, restored historical homes or grand country estates. Light, airy, neutral spaces are very much in demand. Other features could include beautiful or unique features such as infinity pools, water features, pavilions, landscaped gardens with sculptures, koi ponds and so on. At the other end of the spectrum, rambling cottages, rustic barns and properties with sweeping views or near romantic forests are also in demand.

What kind of work could my property be used for?

Possibilities range from anything where there is a commercial shoot using a moving or stills camera, such as feature films, TV dramas, soapies, commercials, music videos, fashion or lifestyle editorials and print advertisements. In addition, locations may be used for fashions shows, product launches, media events or corporate functions.

What can I earn?

Naturally, location fees vary enormously depending on the client, budget, nature of the job, time booked and amount of space used. As your agent, it is our function to assess the value of the booking and to negotiate the fee accordingly.

However, below is a general guideline:

R3000 - R10,000per 14-hour day
  • Max 50 people on set
  • Music Video
R7000 - R10,000per 14-hour day
  • Max 50 people on set
  • Feature Film
  • TV Drama
  • TV Commercial
R2500 - R6000 per 14-hour day
  • Max 50 people on set
  • Documentary
R2500 - R5000per 10-hour day
  • Max 15 people on set
  • Stills Shoot
R5000 - R10,000per day
  • Events
R6000 - R12,000per day
  • Accommodation

Film shoot: full day = 14 hours
ie: 12 hours filming, 1 hour to set up and 1 hour to wrap up
half day = 8 hours
ie: 6 hours filming, one hour to set up, one hour to wrap up
Stills shoot: full day = 11 hours
half day = 5 hours
(includes set up and wrap)
(Overtime is charged at 10% – 20% of the daily rate)
Preparation day: 20% – 30% of the daily rate

Please note that in many cases rates are higher, such as for restaurants where loss of trade while filming must be factored into the budget. However, in the interest of maintaining a sustainable film industry in SA which has to compete with many other world-class shooting destinations, we endeavour to remain fair and reasonable when negotiating rates. Greed could easily kill this burgeoning industry.

How does the booking process work?

We receive briefs on a daily basis from production companies, ad agencies and photographers with specific requirements for a location for a pending shoot. If your property fits the requirements, we submit images for their consideration. Alternatively, they may have already identified your property as a possible option from our Location Masters website. If there is interest, Location Masters organises a recce at an agreed time so that a representative from the client can view the site. They may recce several locations before selecting one. If your property is selected, we confirm rates and availability between you and the production company; agreements are drawn up; shoot details are provided; filming takes place accordingly, and you receive payment 10 days later.

How many bookings could I expect?

There are no guarantees, but a popular location could be booked for anything from several times a month to several times a year.

What does it cost to join Location Masters?

There is a once-off joining fee of R1,500 to cover administration costs.

Why should I appoint Locations Masters as my exclusive agents?

As exclusive agents, we are committed to the protection and promotion of your property. We promote your property through extensive marketing on  our website, social network platforms and industry presence; and we are accountable for a smooth booking process by ensuring the correct insurances are in place, no double bookings occur and your property always receives a market-related fee.

What is an option?

One of the advantages of exclusivity with Location Masters is that as your sole agent we are responsible for the option status of your property at all times. As a result, we can act timeously and accurately when providing this status to production companies wishing to reserve the right to make a confirmation on a particular date. You could find that you have several options from different clients for the same date. Where a client has first option and a second option client wishes to confirm, the first option client is placed on 24-hours notice by Location Masters to either confirm or release the provisional hold on your property.

What if the client cancels?


  • full fee for non-arrival without cancellation
  • less full deposit for cancellation between 14-21 days
  • less 75% deposit for cancellation between 21-28 days
  • less 25% deposit for cancellation 28 days or more


  • a 50% cancellation fee is paid by the client proportionate to the duration of days booked if sufficient notice is not given:
    e.g. 1 day shoot, more than 24 hours notice required
    2 day shoot, more than 48 hours notice required
    and so on
  • If the client cancels more than 24 hours before a shoot, there is no payment.

What is a weather day?

If work is cancelled due to bad weather, the client has the right to negotiate another day within 21 days. The full daily rate will apply to such rescheduling. If bad weather is forecast the day before a booked shoot no cancellation fee applies, but if filming is halted due to bad weather, the daily rate still applies.

What if something is damaged?

Notify Location Masters immediately so that we can advise production that a claim will be made. Part of our service is to confirm that there is insurance with each booking.

What fees does Location Masters charge?

In accordance with worldwide practice, we take a commission from you and a booking fee from the facilitator. We always quote you on total fees after deductions so that you know exactly how much you will earn.

How do I get paid?

Location Masters pays you 10 days after shoots and events by EFT. For accommodation we require a 50% deposit on booking and the balance before arrival. Payment is made by EFT on the first Friday as soon the money is cleared through our account.

What details of my property will people see?

Only Location Masters staff have full access to the database. To further protect your privacy, your property will not be identified on the website. Should you wish to deregister from our system and services at any stage, your property will be immediately removed at your request.